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Technical artist



  1. Cooperation with clients on technical issues;
  2. Technical support of artists (installation and setup of toolset and game engines, export and setup of game models, materials, lighting, etc.);
  3. Records management;
  4. Writing scripts for automation of the process of work with content;


  1. Proficiency in English on the high level (obligatory);
  2. Experience with game engines and their editors;
  3. Knowledge of scripting languages;


  • Python, pyqt, pymel;


  1. Mel, js, maxscript;
  2. Strong knowledge of 3ds Мax/Maya;
  3. Technical education;
  4. Work experience as 3d-artist;
  5. Knowledge of peculiarities in art-content production of modern games
3D Artist


Professional skills:

  1. Maya / Max
  2. Zbrush
  3. Photoshop
  4. Substance Painter / Substance Designer
  5. Marvelous Designer
  6. Understanding and application in practice of PBR technology
  7. Creation of high/low poly models in good quality
  8. Correct UV mapping
  9. Baking normal maps
  10. Photo-real textures creation according to PBR rules


  1. Compliance to the pre-defined deadlines;
  2. Desire and ability to learn quickly;
  3. Knowledge of English (+)

Please enclose 3-5 best next-gen assets from the personal portfolio



Ulysses Graphics is seeking a Material Artist with expert knowledge of Substance Designer to join our team in Kiev and to work on the biggest AAA games of famous clients across ACTIVISION and WB Games studios!



  1. Produce benchmark materials using Substance Designer
  2. Oversee and develop material library
  3. Create high quality textures/materials
  4. Collaborate with environment artists at partner studios to maintain consistent process and visual quality


  1. Expert skills in Substance Designer / Painter
  2. Modeling skills in 3DS Max, Maya
  3. Solid understanding of PBR rendering and material / light interactions
  4. Excellent communication/collaboration skills
  5. Portfolio
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